Naviance: College and Career Readiness Program

Student Benefits

Naviance helps students plan for life after high school by giving them the opportunity to:

  • Explore college possibilities and career fields through guidance lessons with counselors

  • Register for College Rep Visits & College Fair-   How to sign up for College Visits

  • Create a 4-year course plan and stay on track for high school graduation

  • Understand financial options for college including scholarship search

  • Identify best-fit colleges, college majors and careers fields

  • Develop resumes and portfolios for job and college applications including their transcript and letters of recommendation from teachers

How do students log in?
To sign in to Naviance Student, a student or parent must:

Visit  Search for CCTEC by entering our zip code (08360.)


  1. Go to the Naviance Student site for your school.

  2. In the Email or Username field, type your username

  3. In the Password field, enter the selected password.

  4. Click Login. A student or parent must register for Naviance Student before logging in, unless a Username/Password has already been assigned.


Family Benefits

Naviance helps families plan for life after their student's graduation by giving them the opportunity to:

  • Research career and college possibilities with your student

  • Help your student take ownership of college and career planning process

  • Help your student examine their strengths, interests and goals

  • Explore financial options for college including scholarship search and financial aid information

  • Stay up-to-date on time sensitive dates


Teacher and Counselor Benefits

  • Teachers will use the tools for ALL college and most scholarship letters of recommendation. 

  • Naviance allows letters to be submitted and sent electronically to most institutions with a student's transcript.  This expedites this process and all students and parents the ability to track the submission of these important documents.