This folder was created to help students who are seeking employment opportunities while attending school at CCTEC.  

For working papers, click here: Working Papers

We are currently processing all working papers remotely. Please read the steps below carefully. We have attached a copy of the A300 working papers to be filled out by the employer, the parent/guardian, and the student. Once completed, please email them back to Mr. Bermudez.  Please read and follow the steps below.   If you miss a step it will hold up the process.

  1. Please Print Out the A300 Form
  2. Employer fills out section (B) signs and dates.  Please be specific with the minor’s job title.
  3. Parent fills out section (A) sign and date. Do not forget to fill in SS#
  4. Student sign and date section (F)
  5. Mr. Bermudez will handle everything else, including the physical.
  6. Once Mr. Bermudez issues it a number, he will email the working papers back to you.

The following folder will house part-time employment opportunities that are available across Cumberland County.  Students who are interested in finding a part-time job, should periodically check this folder for local employment postings.  The employment opportunities posted in the below folder have NOT been vetted by the CCTEC administration; they are not an extension of our academic programming; they are not affiliated with CCTEC.  For local listings, click on the following folder: Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in applying for our School To Work program, please complete the following application: